Information about Research on Cord Clamping

The purpose of this website is to present some of the latest information on the issue of optimal cord clamping time for newborns. We would like for the reader to be able to read some professional articles related to umbilical cord clamping that we and others have written; to know when and where we (and others) are speaking on the topic and to be able to see and read presentations.

We believe that every baby has a right to his or her own cord blood at birth and that the baby's cord blood should be in the baby and not in the freezer or the trash! Check out the Publications and FAQ pages before you decide whether or not to harvest cord blood. These publications present the recent evidence about delayed cord clamping and babies health, and practices to help make a birth as normal and gentle as possible for the baby.

Parents will need to prepare themselves for birth and find a provider who also believes in delayed cord clamping.  You cannot just mention it once in the office and assume that your baby's cord clamping will be delayed (More on that later). Happy and informed reading!

-Judith S. Mercer, PhD, CNM, FACNM

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  (Last updated: 06/03/2013)